The Danskaravaan is a multicultural dance festival, created to help citizens with different ethnic backgrounds to get to know with each other. The Danskaravaan takes place in an authentic antique tent with mirrors and stained glass, called a spiegeltent. The spiegeltent is always set up in the centre of a multicultural neighbourhood. The festival unwinds to the following structure: the theme of every evening is a colourful non-western dance style, beginning with a workshop and followed by several performances by professional dance groups.

Finally, the dance floor will be opened to the audience, to dance to the sound of a live orchestra, playing in the style of that particular evening. Some evenings may reveal the similarities between different dance traditions; these journeys through dance clarify that integration between cultures has occurred throughout the ages.
Danskaravaan 1998Danskaravaan 1999Danskaravaan 2000Danskaravaan 2001, RotterdamDanskaravaan May 2002Danskaravaan sept. 2002Danskaravaan May 2003Danskaravaan sept. 2003Danskaravaan May 2004
Retrospective on eight years Danskaravaan

The dvd Danskaravaan shows twenty two different dance styles and the similarities between them, Among them chhau, pencak silat, kathak, flamenco, candomble, derwish, zikr, etc.

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